Mary Ann Lew


Mary Ann Lew

Administration and Accounting

Mary Ann is Jeremy’s partner at work and in life, helping run the administrative side of his firm since 2007. After retiring from an impressive career as an IT specialist with Allstate, Mary Ann started filling in for Jeremy’s office manager, a temporary job that soon became permanent.
Mary Ann and Dorota split the administrative duties, including accounting, billing, invoices and insurance work. Working with her family allows Mary Ann to see her two sons, Victor and Robert, more than she otherwise would, and she’s so proud of the family firm’s top-tier work, staff and customer service.

Mary Ann studied literature in college in her native Poland, but after she and Jeremy moved to Chicago, she became interested in drafting. Living in the suburbs with two small children, she struggled to get downtown each day for the 8 a.m. classes. She told the dean of the architecture department about her dilemma, and he advised her to study computer science and data processing, which offered night classes. She did, and to her surprise, she found she had a talent for IT and solving complex problems.

Besides her two sons, Mary Ann and Jeremy have six grandchildren. She loves gardening and classical music, and has traveled all over Europe with Jeremy to attend concerts and operas.