We hired Jeremy Lew and Associates after researching our options over a few years. Their firm does a lot of work in our area so we were able to appreciate the quality of their construction and compare it to other projects (done by other firms) in the area. We hired Jeremy Lew and Associates to do a major rehab of our craftsman bungalow as we felt they suited our needs and their philosophy and style matched well with ours. They were very professional, came in within budget, and were extremely accommodating. We spoke with some of their former clients who raved about their experiences and also were able to arrange a walk-through with one of the completed projects. The work crew had an amazing work ethic (often arriving at 7 AM and did not leave until 7 pm) and were very clean. Victor did an amazing job with our architectural plans and made use of every inch of space in our house. Robert and the rest of our team were also great to work with--we couldn't be happier. We highly recommend them for anyone considering rehabbing their house or considering new construction.

A Papassavas

Skokie, residential project