We began this journey in 2011 and contracted Jeremy Lew & Associates for architectural work for our home extension. They were consummate professionals throughout the process and provided the drawings to bid out. Fortunately, they are also builders so were in the running to get the job. Their prices weren't the cheapest but also not the most expensive and they will tell you that up front. However, the "you get what you pay for" idiom holds so true for construction. We decided to hold off on the work for a few years and re-visted the idea in 2015. We had few changes that we wanted to incorporate and Victor Lew and Jeremy Lew were very receptive to the changes. We bid the project out once again and decided it made most sense to move forward with Robert Lew w/ Jeremy Lew & Associates for the construction work as well. It made sense since they are family owned business and having a one-stop shop made it easy. The project manager we were assigned is a veteran with the company and also happens to be named Robert. He knew what he was doing and worked extremely well with all their trades and us. I can't say that we had 100% smooth sailings however, we did work through issues and kept the project moving. The project took slightly longer than expected but we did make some changes to enhance the design. All the trades were top notch and they continue to service any minor issues that come up. Overall, I would highly recommend Jeremy Lew & Associates to my friends and family.

AJ Virani

Northbrook, residential project