I am pleased to recommend Jeremy Lew and Associates and share my overwhelmingly positive experience. I’m not always the easiest person to please. I know this because throughout my life I’ve been called overly-critical or “picky.” When I go to a restaurant, I expect my food to be right the first time and for the service to be outstanding…at a minimum. I should be able to focus on the fun experience I am having with my guests, not being distracted by a waiter that disappeared when we need more bread or a chef that under-cooked my steak. Everything needs to be working in concert. That concerted effort is exactly the experience I had with Jeremy Lew and Associates. Working with JL&A was a pleasure. From the back office staff, to the project manager, to the tradespeople working inside of my home, everyone clearly had the same goal. That goal wasn’t just creating a beautiful final product; it included HOW that final product was achieved. From the initial meeting and all the way through the final punch list review, I could feel how important I was to them. Their team took the time to listen to me and they followed through properly on every detail. My project included installation of new floors, walls, painting, fixtures, a new staircase and a long list of other small items. Everything was completed on-budget and they actually finished the project earlier than projected. From start to finish, they were professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future. Kudos to Jeremy Lew and Associates for a job well-done!

Ben Fine

Evanston, residential project