It has been a number of years since our addition was completed, yet a week does not go by when I don't think of the fantastic results we live in now and through our entire project with Jeremy Lew and the entire crew. We all have heard the horror stories of home additions...things go wrong which jacks up the cost out of budget...contractors don't show up for days at a time....the completion date is a mystery.... Let me say that NONE of these were ever an issue. From deciding on which plan to go forward with, to breaking ground, to completion, we always knew what was going on today, and what would be happening next week. We had to know. We were living in our house throughout the entire process. The people working on our home were super-knowledgeable, high-level crafts & tradesmen. I watched them in awe and kept a daily record of the results. I was so appreciative, I kept a daily supply of coffee, snacks and drinks available for them just as an extra "thank you'. I say daily because there was rarely a weekday when someone wasn't hard at work here. Neighbors and friends would stop by to watch and marvel at the results. In fact, the folks across the street hired JL&A to do their addition after seeing our results! I could go on and on about how Robert kept in constant contact or how the workmen would take that minute to explain to my kids and their neighborhood friends what they were doing, or even how I needed a few other things done on our home years later and called JL&A for great referrals. They not only built our home, they built a relationship. I am happily writing this in my favorite spot at our kitchen counter, and still enjoying every inch of our home! I guess everyone can tell that my strong suggestion would be to go with Jeremy Lew & Associates for any project. You will be happy you did!

Mark Collins

Skokie, residential project